As one of the most popular ecommerce solutions out there, Magento it the top choice for anything that has to do with e-commerce website for a lot of people. Because of that, it is absolutely no surprise that they have some of the best free ecommerce website templates in Canada that can really take your own online store to another level. In this article, we are going to talk to you about three of our favorite templates that Magento provides, so keep on reading to find out more about them.


This is a Magento template that is incredibly responsive and has some of the best and most extensive premium features while still being completely free. This template was specifically designed for bicycle stores and biking equipment stores, but like most Magento templates it can easily be customized to work for any kind of business. Before you settle for this template you can get a live view and see how it looks on different screens, but because the template is optimized for mobile-use, you can be sure that your online store will look great in any size.

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This template is the perfect choice for anyone that has a food business and wants an online store that has a clean and minimal look. This is a great template to use for a place where customers can make their food orders or if you simply want to create a web presence for your food business where the focus can be completely on the food because of the template’s minimal and clean design. The most important thing when using free ecommerce website templates in Canada like these are the photographs of the food which you should definitely make sure are as high quality as possible.


This templates is fully packed with all of the necessary features for a fully-functional ecommerce website. Again, this is another design that is really clean and minimal and has a lot of attention to detail and that is exactly what will help you present your products to the customers without any distractions. You can customize the look of your ecommerce by choosing between red, blue, gray, orange or green for the color of your skin and then you can start making certain adjustments and adding your own materials to it. This template is pretty versatile and can work for any kind of business which is great.

When creating an ecommerce nothing can be of greater help then a good template and the people at Magento understand that. We hope that you found this article useful and that we helped you see what are some of the best free ecommerce website templates in Canada brought to you by Magento.