E-commerce websites provide a platform for shoppers and business owners to exchange products or services conveniently. Business owners can hire professional web designers to build e-commerce platforms for them. However, hiring a professional web designer is expensive. The second option is using drag and drop free e-commerce website builders. While website builders are free, they can help you build out a professional website to sell products online. But with fierce competition in the online marketplace, your e-commerce website must have specific features. Check them out below:

  • Free e-commerce websites should feature high-resolution pictures and videos

With customers obsessed with colored visuals these days, photos and videos play a big role in the success of your e-commerce website. Poorly taken photo of products on your website may drive away customers from your business. Also, when taking product photos, take them at different angles to showcase the product’s sides, size, color, and shape. It won’t hurt if you hire a professional photographer to take and embed photos of products on your free e-commerce website. Quality pictures will attract and retain more customers to your business, resulting in more purchases and sales.

  • Free e-commerce websites should be simple

Today’s shoppers are a very impatient lot. They will bounce off an e-commerce website if they find that it’s complicated and they can’t find what they want easily. That’s why most business owners are drifting towards minimalistic e-commerce websites.

  • Free e-commerce websites must come with customer support

When customers are buying on your free e-commerce website, they might get confused in their buying journey, and they would want help immediately. Make sure the e-commerce website has a phone, email and live chat support to enable customers to address their queries quickly and fast.

  • A free e-commerce website should be mobile friendly.

Statistics show that the majority of people shop online using their mobile devices. That’s means if your e-commerce website is not mobile friendly, you will be losing out on a ton of sales every day. To avoid this, make your e-commerce website mobile-friendly to enable a mobile user to view it without having to adjust their device screens.


The good thing about free e-commerce websites is that they are easy to build and allow immediate operation of your business. However, with free e-commerce website builders, you are not in control of your e-commerce website. That means when hackers infiltrate the website builder, your site might be affected and there is nothing you could do. So be very careful when choosing free e-commerce website builders to create your online store.