7 Unusual Features Online Store Websites Use to Increase Conversions

To keep your online store website moving forward and drive more traffic – here are 7 unusual features that will help you increase conversions!
With more and more online stores launching each day, it really helps to have a few tricks and successful methods to connect with your visitors and potential buyers. Even online stores that operate in not so popular industries and function in small niches are seeing new rivals, small and large.
In order to keep your online store website moving forward and drive more traffic, we have managed to compile a list of 7 unusual features that lots of online stores use to attract new visitors, grab the attention of their target group, and make more sales. You can call these features crazy, quirky or traditional, however, the only point is that they really work. Let’s start:
Create a Hot-to for returns
Online Store Websites

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Online Store Websites


1. Show your confidence through the products you sell

If you want to show your visitors how serious you are about your business you can show your confidence through the products you sell. How? Well, you can always list your competitors on your website. Yes, we know that this may sound crazy to you, but by listing your rivals you will show that you are focused on your products and not on how to be better than your competitors.

2. Allow your customers to be your voice

You can include a featured comment or reviews section and allow your customers to be the voice of tour brand. Featured comments and reviews are a really smart twist on the usual testimonials as they show the person leaving the comment or the review has actually purchased the product. It has been confirmed that when customers speak for you that new buyers will really hear you.

3. Give your shoppers more options than one when checkout

You need to provide your shoppers a comfortable and a convenient checkout process, especially if you sell lots of products. You can add a mini cart in the footer and this can include a checkout button. You will be surprised from the reaction of your shoppers.

4. Create a Hot-to for returns

Yes, this is just another crazy feature, however, it is quite helpful. Why would you want to show your buyers how to return the products they just bought. Well, by doing so, you will show them you are really confident in the products you are selling. The buyers will feel secure and more confident to buy your products when they know that your store will be there for them in case they are not satisfied with the product.

5. Show visitors what other shoppers are looking for

You can add popular search terms below the search box and show your visitors what other online shoppers are actually looking for. People like to know what other individuals think.

6. Tell me when you have a sale

Some online buyers are waiting for that perfect deal and when the price is just right, they will jump and make a sale. For this type of buyers, it is highly recommendable to offer a Sale Alert feature.

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7. Discover your solution wizard

We have all seen customized build-your-own store options and solutions. You can use this feature in an unusual way by making it an interesting interview process. You can help your online buyers and offer them a step-by-step guide through a couple of questions to their preferred product choice. It is a win-win situation. Your shoppers will feel like they are getting a customized solution and you will get some useful and free market research on what your target group is thinking.

So, are you ready to get a little bit crazy and connect with your customers in different ways? Consider our unusual methods!